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     Since the mid-1990s, Dr. A.S. Ziner and his associates at ASRC have served at the forefront of innovative, community-based, research among nonprofit organizations, in tandem with engaging continuous program improvement initiatives among clients in higher education. 
     As a solution-centered firm, ASRC provides our clients with a wide range of customized, quantitative and qualitative, professional research services specific to each client's needs.  Whatever your priorities, timeline and budget, ASRC is confident that we will help you achieve lasting success through focused and tailored approaches designed to fully address the multi-level challenges you face. 
    In short, ASRC will work with you to identify and collect the necessary evidence for your upcoming compliance (NPOs) or MSCHE regional accreditation (colleges and universities) review.  This includes helping you shore up areas of weakness with improved policies, processes, and programs.  Our ultimate goal is to present your case to stakeholders accurately, honestly and forcefully.

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